Project Description

Hostel, social centre and I.M.A. missionaries’ house

Mwanza, Tanzania

I.M.A. association needed suitable spaces for nursing students who are assisted by the organisation and also offices to activate their projects in support of the inhabitants. On the Kawekamo hill, two lots have been built until now. They host dor- mitories, common areas, apartmen- ts and services. Two further lots will be realised.Local manual labourers have been involved exclusively, together with the use of local materials only. This choice has influenced the project, that was developed around a sim- ple module, easily repeatable and versatile. This way, unskilled wor- kers who needed a job, got invol- ved, helping to grow the local eco- nomy. The result of this project is a place in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, built by villa- ge workers with materials offered by their land, to help Tanzanian stu- dents building a future for themsel- ves and their country.